Thursday, 22 March 2018

2018 Renault Duster replacement

The new Dacia/ Renault Duster SUV has been revealed at its official launch at 2017’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It doesn’t look drastically different to the outgoing model but represents an improvement in terms of interior quality, passenger space and performance.

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StylingDacia is owned by Renault and, at one point, the Duster was the best-selling out of all Renault models, so it’s no surprise that the styling has only been slightly tweaked for this new generation. The front lights are slimmer, while Dacia says the bonnet has sharper creases to make the car look more assertive. There’s new body cladding at the front and rear to enhance the chunky, off-roader image.
At the rear, the old lights have been binned in favour of squarer lights that look similar to the Jeep Renegade’s, while the boot lid has been redesigned to make the Duster badge more prominent. The wheel arches are just as square as on the outgoing car but have been integrated into the bodywork more smoothly. The vivid ‘Atacama Orange’ paint shown in these photos is also new, helping the Duster to stand out from the crowd.

InteriorThe new Duster’s styling is still square and boxy, but now has a more steeply raked windscreen to add to the already impressive cabin space. Side impact protection is said to have improved in the upcoming car, so the Duster should be safer than ever.
Inside, the Duster’s interior will still be basic and functional with chunky controls and hard-wearing plastics. These photos show parking sensors on the rear of the car which will be an option on higher trim levels while an infotainment system is likely to be standard on more expensive versions.

Engines and driving
​It’s based on the same platform as the outgoing Duster, so the new car’s driving experience won’t be significantly different. It’ll still need to work as a family car, however, so Dacia will hopefully ensure it has good levels of comfort and refinement. To achieve this, the Duster will probably feature fairly soft suspension so it’ll be easy to drive around town and over rough surfaces.

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